Chemtrails and Geoengineering Are a Threat
What is Our Government Doing to Us and the Planet?
Chemtrails, also Known as Geoengineering, are Scientific Fact


An aerial phenomenon that has been taking place for years over the US has been rapidly filling our skies with a lingering cloud-like residue. The man-made geometric patterns, consisting of long white linear lines, resemble jet contrails... (Read more)


Your US Congress Knows About Chemspraying
They Know All About the Toxic Spraying - They Voted On It


Many people would be surprised to know that Congress has sanctioned much of the government chem-spraying program.


2001 HR 2977 | 2005 HR 2995 | 2005 S 517 | 2007 S 1807 | 2009 S 601


Here is another bill from 1978. See weather for warfare here.


Government Recognition of Climate Alteration  (William Cohen)


Gov Whistleblowers Talk Chemtrails: Witness 1 | Witness 2


Health Video: How Chemtrails Are Affecting You


Health Video: Chemtrails - The Slow Killer of Humanity




Is it Really Just a Bad Flu/Cold?
A Wake Up Call for the Healthcare Industry, Feb 8, 2018  [updated]
As someone who has lived six decades on this planet,  there are two things that stand out to this author as obvious changes in this world. First, the skies are now covered with white lines that never existed in the 50's, 60's, 70's and even the 80's. While government testing is said to have been ongoing for many years, the 90's were the first decade when the chemtrails really started to show up en masse. It has been nothing but milky white skies ever since.
Second, serious illness is up overall, with rises in cancer, autism, asthma, shingles and Alzheimer's, to name but just a few.  (Read more...)


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Chem-Spraying Over Lakeville, MN

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Chem-Spraying Over Lakeville, MN

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Movie Presents 'Geoengineering' Theme

Somebody finally made a movie that features weather modification. The problem is, it's not wholly correct.

The only accurate premise presented here is that
1) weather control is technologically possible, and that 2) someone in government is sure to weaponize it.

(Read more...)


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