Is it Really Just a Bad Flu/Cold?
A Wake Up Call for the Healthcare Industry
As someone who has lived six decades on this planet,  there are two things that stand out to this author as obvious changes in this world. First, the skies are now covered with white lines that never existed in the 50's, 60's, 70's and even the 80's. While government testing is said to have been ongoing for many years, the 90's were the first decade when the chemtrails really started to show up en masse. It has been nothing but milky white skies ever since.
Second, serious illness is up overall, with rises in cancer, autism, asthma, shingles and Alzheimer's, to name but just a few. A 2014 study titled "Global Rise in Human Infectious Disease Outbreaks" reveals that major diseases have increased since 1980.

This study could very much be viewed  as a critical standing indictment on the government chemspray program due to the convenient overlap of occurrence in the rise of disease, and thus should not be discounted out of hand by any means. It is hard to deny the coincidence and timing of the two. It is impossible to refute that disease has undeniably been on the rise since the spraying program started. It screams for further scrutiny.

The increase in disease should really come as no surprise to the brightest of scientific minds because many of the primary elements being sprayed in our skies through the government sanctioned geoengineering program have all been identified as having quite adverse effects on humans.

  • Aluminum (Alzheimer's, autism)

  • Barium (blood pressure)

  • Strontium (cancer)

  • Manganese (behavior)

How coincidental can it be when all of the above listed materials are currently being sprayed, and all of the associated diseases have risen also?

There are even far more toxic substances being sprayed through the chemspray program. For a larger, more complete listing, please see this link.

Given the effects that these toxic substances alone have on people, animals, and plant life, is it any wonder that disease is on the rise?

Not only have pre-existing diseases risen, but there is at least one new condition being attributed by many to the chem-spraying effort, called Morgellons. It causes excessive itching, open sores and what look like fibers coming out of the skin tissue. It is a hotly debated illness, with many calling it a psychiatric disorder, although that charge appears weak and hard to support due to the tangible physical symptoms exhibited. It's hard to fathom a tenable argument against such a disease, in light of the damning 2014 infectious disease outbreaks study, because sickness and disease clearly appear to be on the rise.

My wife has been healthy all of her life, but after being exposed for the last ten years to the incessant chemspray over our rural Twin Cities homestead, she has become quite ill. She developed shingles in 2010 and then came down with a very rare blood disorder in 2015 known as TTP (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura). She was forced to undergo extensive plasmapheresis for weeks in order to filter the toxins from her blood. We suspect the chemspray as the primary culprit since heavy aluminum exposure is one way to drive a person into such a hemolytic state.

It's not just major illness on the rise either, but also a strange influx of new viruses (flu and cold) as well as recent cases of increased upper respiratory sickness. This is my 3rd year in a row with a very bad upper respiratory infection. I'm not the only one. Others around me are also experiencing the same or similar symptoms. Strangely enough, these extreme upper respiratory issues now appear to have become a new seasonal-type thing, with this year being off the charts for influenza - to all-time historic levels.

For the record:

  • Last year the CDC reported that there were 4,317 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations, from October to February.

  • This year the CDC reports that there have been 14,676 hospitalized cases reported from October to February. (Over 10,000 more cases!)

As prefaced, this is reportedly an all-time record, which seems unusual given the 1918-1919 flu pandemic that swept the US and the world. In the US alone there were reported to be 675,000 deaths at that time, with millions more around the world, so this would perhaps appear to warrant further research. If the severity is indeed true and accurate, it needs to be seriously questioned and thoroughly examined by health officials.

So why have we had so much influenza the last few years? Why have we had so many alleged extreme varieties? (H1N1, Avian, SARS, etc.)

As history will note, all of these viruses they sounded the klaxons for, long and loud, in a fear campaign for new vaccinations. The sad fact of the matter is though, the current flu shot only works for roughly 10% of those it is given too. Alarmingly, many are dying after getting the vaccine.

Those that follow the toxic government chemspray program may rightfully be asking, is it really the flu?

When I was a kid you either had a cold or the flu. I honestly cannot think of a time when I had both, but now, this seems to be the virus of the day. You have both at once now, a cold and a flu. A young nurse I spoke with said that this is normal for influenza, but it sure doesn't seem normal to me, nor to many of my friends who are older as well.

The one thing that now appears hallmark with these flu/colds is upper respiratory issues, and once you get one, it seems to reappear each year.

In 2016, another nurse told me that the upper respiratory illness that year was extremely bad. The odd thing she noted was that illness like that usually went down once school was out, however, she said that summer the upper respiratory seemed to get worse during the school break, not better. I asked a doctor that same day if she ever bothered to look up and notice the long milky white lines in the sky. She was indignant about being asked the question and even more ignorant as to the significance of such chemtrails in our environment, and as such was totally oblivious as to how they pertained to her daily job in healthcare. I was hoping a bell would go off in her head, but sadly it did not. Not even so much as a tiny ding.

I'm left hoping that alarms are going off for some older doctors who DO know better, and who do remember skies that were different when they were younger. If you're a doctor, start looking up. Understand the physics of a normal jet contrail (water condensation) versus tons of toxic chemicals being sprayed from low altitude non-commercial jetliners. Some of you will understand that a normal jet contrail dissipates quickly, yet we have others that mysteriously widen out and spread across the sky. As a doctor, it's not your job to know why the government is doing such a thing, however, it is your job to recognize that it is happening and to be aware of any significant environmental changes that can affect people's health.

These chemicals are being found by scientists in the water, in soil and in plants. It is patently absurd to assume that they would have no health effects on humans or on animal life. If you're a doctor or healthcare professional who truly cares about your patients and works to understand the cause of illness, pay close attention to this issue and be acutely aware of the chemicals being sprayed in our skies. It will help you in your day job.



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