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From TruthStream Media
The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated (by Aaron Dykes)

While everyone is busy arguing that control over weather doesn’t exist, or that those who claim it does are crazy, conspiratorial nutters, actual history reveals that it not only exists, but was developed for an ulterior motive.

This video provides an interesting bit on General Electric’s Irving Langmuir, his ties to the brothers Vonnegut, and the military’s attempts at destroying the enemy with wicked weather.  (Read more...)

From TruthStream Media
The Government Has Manipulated Our Weather for Decades  (by Aaron Dykes)

Americans used to know about this... but those who did seem to have largely forgotten, and nowadays we just aren't told anything at all.

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From NBC4 California
Chemtrail Weather Control?

Here is a report from NBC 4 in southern California on allegations of a government spraying program. They say the government denies spraying, yet they add that this is bound to happen to fight global warming under a weather modification act known as geoengineering.

Sadly enough, the somewhat skeptical anchor does not to add much to this very ambivalent piece. He closes the report by saying "you be the judge."

From WIN TV - Australia
TV News Report About the Presence of Chemtrails in the Skies of Australia

A report from an Australian TV station in Dubbo, concerning "weirdly shaped vapor trails." The report talks about the fact that the trails are not in known or recognized flight patterns and that they form huge grid patterns in the sky. They also report that the strange trails in the sky appear to be part of a global effort. They discuss the accusations of weather control to further drought, but also talk about the severe health implications, comparing it to the 1950's government radiation program that used humans as guinea pigs. An unbiased report.

From Truthstream Media
CIA Director Brennan Talks Chemtrails to the Council on Foreign Relations

This is a very revealing speech given by CIA Director John Brennan to members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). With a very cavalier attitude, Brennan states in no uncertain terms that chemtrails are indeed real, or as he called it, "Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI) He also states that a program such as this runs around $10-billion dollars per year! That's your tax dollars being used to spray you and your family with.

Another great report from Melissa & Aaron Dykes.

From ODD Reality Channel
Chemtrails - How Much Proof Do You Need?

(CAUTION: Some profanity) The UN and other international governments will never admit to chemtrail activity, but they do acknowledge geoengineering in which chemtrails fall under. So many people are having a hard time understanding and believing this easy to see phenomenon. I made this video with hopes that some people who do not believe in chemtrails will open their eyes and see the truth. I don't have all the answers and I certainly don't have a solution to this problem, but I do know that mass awareness is necessary to pursue changes.  [This text is excerpted from the YouTube video]

From the Corbett Report
Chemtrails Exposed - The Past, Present and Future of the New Manhattan Project

Corbett interviews Peter Kirby, the author of the new book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Corbett asks the two questions most frequently asked by chemtrail skeptics: 1) would the government do something like this, and 2) could they do something like this? Corbett also talks about John Brennan's recent call for stratospheric aerosol injection and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.

[Portions of this description were excerpted from the YouTube video]

From the Corbett Report
Peter Kirby: The History of Chemtrails

This is an earlier Corbett interview with Peter Kirby, the author of the new book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. The discussion centers on the history of government weather modification and geoengineering, all the way back to ancient times, and documents the advent of the current modern era of chemtrails in the labs of G.E. in 1946.

Another informative discussion that really should be taking place amongst the general public.

[Portions of this description were excerpted from the YouTube video]

From NewsBud
ChemTrails: The CIA & Weather Modification

An interview with James Corbett, discussing Geoengineering (chemtrails). This covers multiple documented aspects of weather modification. This video will challenge even the most skeptical people out there on this topic. The discussion also talks about CIA Director John Brennan’s recent speech before the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) promoting stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), and a 2016 study on the health effects of stratospheric aerosols.

[Portions of this description were excerpted from the YouTube video]

Rothschild Buys Controlling Interest in Weather Central (2011)
Even the Rothschild's Are Weather Obsessed

Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild said they are buying a majority stake in weather-data service Weather Central L.P., marking a significant expansion of the Rothschilds’ investments into media and information.

The couple’s private-investment company, E.L. Rothschild LLC, is slated to acquire 70% of Weather Central, which provides weather forecasting services and graphics to local television stations and TV programs such as ABC’s “Good Morning America.”.. ... (Read more)

Note: This arrangement came about after nearly three years after Bain Capital, Blackstone and NBC Universal bought the Weather Channel for $3.2-billion dollars. Weather is apparently, curiously enough, becoming a big business investment for the ultra-wealthy.

Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health
Global Research, By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri - April 23, 2016 (originaly published 7 May 2010)

For decades, we have known that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. Going back to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” we have known and been amply warned of the serious consequences of using or being exposed to these poisons in our daily activities. Thousands of these are well-documented carcinogens.

Building on Carson’s ground-breaking research, we also know that certain kinds of chemicals can and do disrupt human [and other animals’] entire immune system. Going back 30 years, researchers were investigating what became known as endocrine [hormone] disrupting chemicals and how they were affecting frogs [who sometimes had five legs or hermaphroditic characteristics], other aquatic animals, and mammals. These animals were the proverbial canaries in the coal mine. (Read more)
Chemtrail Poisons Are Ruining Your Health From Above, And You May Not Even Know By Christina Sarich

If aluminum deodorants and antiperspirants aren’t good for us, how can chemtrails being sprayed in our neighborhoods be benign? Geo-engineering, otherwise known as chemtrails, have been exposed by numerous alternative news outlets, reporters, and documentaries such as What in the World Are They Spraying? In this important piece of social activism, we can learn how we are being sprayed with huge amounts of aluminum, strontium, and barium, among with other health-wreaking chemicals against our will, and without our consent.

The government continues to lie to us about the existence of weather-ownership via geo-engineering, but Congress is planning to legalize Bills like Senate Bill 1807 and U.S. House Bill 3445, along with the Climate Security Act (Also known as the Lieberman-Warner bill, bill number S. 2191 ) ...
(Read more|  See also: The Symptoms of Chemtrail Poisoning

Rules Needed for Geoengineering Research, Experts Say
By Lauren Morello - 031413

With no clear rules to guide new research, scientists are shying away from examining whether geoengineering technologies can effectively cool the planet, and at what cost.

That’s the warning put forth by a pair of climate change experts in an essay published Thursday in the journal Science.

“This deadlock poses real threats to sound management of climate risk,” write Harvard University climate scientist David Keith and UCLA environmental law expert Edward Parson. “Geoengineering may be needed to limit severe future risks, so informed policy judgments require research on its efficacy and risks.” Without that research, the world could face “unrefined, untested and excessively risky approaches” if climate change intensifies to the point that governments ... (Read more)

Now That They've Been Caught, the US Gov Starts to Develop a Cover Story - After Over 25 Years of Spraying!

The Department of Energy May Begin Studying Geoengineering
Activist Post, by Derrick Broze

The U.S. Department of Energy may begin studying the effects of geoengineering the climate if a proposed budget bill becomes law.

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee recently passed a proposed budget bill which would instruct the Department of Energy (DOE) to study the possibility of reflecting sunlight into space as part of an effort fight global warming. The process is known as “albedo modification,” a type of geoengineering. ... (Read more)

Like They're "Just Now" Starting to Consider This. Right ...

To Fight Global Warming, Senate Calls for Study of Making Earth Reflect More Light
By Adrian ChoApr. 19, 2016 , 4:00 PM

Budget makers in the U.S. Senate want the Department of Energy (DOE) to study the possibility of making Earth reflect more sunlight into space to fight global warming. Earth's reflectivity is known as its albedo, and the request to study "albedo modification" comes in the details of a proposed spending bill passed by the Senate appropriations committee to fund DOE, the Army Corps of Engineers, and related agencies for fiscal year 2017, which begins 1 October. The bill does not specify how much money should be spent on the research. ... (Read more)

[Ed note: Congress has already voted on weather modification legislation... in '05, '07, '08 and '09.]

And Here is the Latest Effort at Bullshitting the Public Over Chem-Spraying

Blocking Out the Sun to Fight Climate Change
Researchers are studying solar geoengineering, the controversial proposal to spray aerosols into the upper atmosphere to block some of the sun’s rays and lower global temperatures. On this episode of Unsolvable, Bloomberg visits a Harvard lab that has built a tiny atmosphere for testing. (Video by Flora Lichtman, Katherine Wells, Lucy Wells)
 ... (Read more)

[Ed Note: One thing blows this chem-spraying argument sky high. (Pun intended.) All you need to do is keep a regular watch on the GOES satellite system. By looking at GOES on a daily basis, one quickly notices that the chemical spraying is not worldwide, en masse. For that matter, you never even see an entire country blanketed to protect it from the sun. Nowhere on the GOES system can you find spraying that encompasses large geographic areas to restrict the sun on a global level.]




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