Somebody finally made a movie that features weather modification. The problem is, it's not wholly correct.

The only accurate premise presented here is that 1) weather control is technologically possible, and that 2) someone in government is sure to weaponize it.

It is interesting that the film steers totally away from the fact that many people feel weather control is being achieved through the aerial chemspray program. The technical premise of the chemtrail allegation is not without merit and is indeed a legitimate, wholly tenable and scientifically viable option as a climate control mechanism, yet the financial backers and producers of this film strangely did not want to accept this already well established scientific theory, nor did they wish to present any of the current suspicions as a working model for their not so far fetched idea about government weather control. In a film industry that continuously strives to weave historical or modern day reality into its cinematic fantasy in order to make films more believable, this is perhaps a very disturbing tell on the intent of this movie.

Maybe the idea was to take the obvious, which is right in front of all of us, and to obfuscate that with a concept that appears to suggest that this capability for weather control is still well beyond our current technological capability?

While not embracing the chemtrail theory, it is all the more galling that the filmmakers appeared to do nothing to eliminate any actual chemtrail sky shots from the movie production, but rather almost seemed to embrace them and stealthily incorporate them as a bizarre in-your-face to those who follow the actual chemspray program.

It's an "entertaining" film, yet devoid of any real substance on the current weather control initiative.

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Warner Bros. Studios

God only knows how much disinformation and propaganda they've crapped into this one. The potential is shown... for the fear factor.



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